wild tears



from friends to lovers

Tonight you held my head

when it was wet

with wild tears.

and you bathed the scars

and the wounds


with the blood of the night.

you took my screams

and my sadness

and the fear,

and you wrapped it up tight.

and you said

‘it’s going to be alright’.

and that was just enough.




A night out

night sky

First, I peel away my old self

Leaving it slumped

in a pile on the floor.

And on goes my new skin

Snug as a sleeve

I get waxed and painted

Changing faces

For the night.


Then come the butterflies

Free in the nights air

Searching for the happy nectar

My poison of choice.


Then it’s bravery

Shoe splitting silliness,

On a restaurant table,

Wild and bewitched

Dancing to myself.


Then it’s the slump

The melt to the floor

Full up and plump

With drink

That threatens to burst my skin.


Then it’s the shame

The walk, the fear.

The sobering up.

It’s the headache and the passing out

It’s forgetting

And replaying.

And regretting.

And doing it all over again.



Do you remember that night?

In our first house

When I lay,

Sprawled out across our bed

Limbs opened up from sleep

Like uncurled snail shells 

I, softer and younger then

Wearing nothing

But the reflection of the moon

And you, next to me 

Painted in shadows

From patterns in the light shade

You looking tired and happy

 took your hand in mine

And we decided on forever





I wish I could tell you

                 That I don’t remember

                              That it didn’t matter


I wish I could tell you

                    That I wasn’t scared

                              And it didn’t break me.


I wish I could tell you

        That it doesn’t still hurt

              That I’ve stopped crying now


I wish I could tell you

 That I don’t blame myself

 That I should have known better


I wish I could tell you

 That it was easy

 And you weren’t lucky


I wish I could tell you that



Until the end

Until the end


Chokes her.

It does not slip

Or sneak or creep

Into her

Tiptoeing through 

A long deep sleep.

It is not a twinkle in her aging eye

A crease on her palm

Its not a feeling

Of relief

Or grief.
Its a fight

A war, a bloody battle

Between body and afterlife

Disease and time

Death is shameless

No scruples

Just like she lived

In her life


Is Tyrant.

When the lights go out

When the lights go out

When words aren’t enough

You step  outside


For the night

And the sway of the stars

That settle

Over city roofs
You see bodies


Like empty shells

Weeping heaps

Of grief or  regret.

And you feel your phone


in your pocket.

You don’t know your hands

Which stumble 

And slip

Against the grip of the phone

Which shatters

Into a plastic corpse

on the ground.

She picks it up

And maybe you peak

At the small of her back

as she bends to the ground

in a swish of her hair

and a wiggle of hips

You want to say thanks 

But you won’t get the chance.
It’s one punch from behind

Then your down
You wake to the sound

of your father’s voice.

And your father’s tears

And you feel him.weep. 

And the flutter of your heart

That’s trying to beat

As you slip from the scene

To life’s longest sleep.