When the lights go out

When the lights go out

When words aren’t enough

You step  outside


For the night

And the sway of the stars

That settle

Over city roofs
You see bodies


Like empty shells

Weeping heaps

Of grief or  regret.

And you feel your phone


in your pocket.

You don’t know your hands

Which stumble 

And slip

Against the grip of the phone

Which shatters

Into a plastic corpse

on the ground.

She picks it up

And maybe you peak

At the small of her back

as she bends to the ground

in a swish of her hair

and a wiggle of hips

You want to say thanks 

But you won’t get the chance.
It’s one punch from behind

Then your down
You wake to the sound

of your father’s voice.

And your father’s tears

And you feel him.weep. 

And the flutter of your heart

That’s trying to beat

As you slip from the scene

To life’s longest sleep.


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