A night out

night sky

First, I peel away my old self

Leaving it slumped

in a pile on the floor.

And on goes my new skin

Snug as a sleeve

I get waxed and painted

Changing faces

For the night.


Then come the butterflies

Free in the nights air

Searching for the happy nectar

My poison of choice.


Then it’s bravery

Shoe splitting silliness,

On a restaurant table,

Wild and bewitched

Dancing to myself.


Then it’s the slump

The melt to the floor

Full up and plump

With drink

That threatens to burst my skin.


Then it’s the shame

The walk, the fear.

The sobering up.

It’s the headache and the passing out

It’s forgetting

And replaying.

And regretting.

And doing it all over again.